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The Oxford Dictionary defines the canoe as:

"a light, narrow boat with pointed ends and no keel, propelled with a paddle or paddles"

                                                                 But to Canadians, the canoe means so much more.


The canoe is a vessel for adventure. It is the means by which the First Peoples of Canada traversed great expanses of this beautiful land. It was the instrument used by the voyageurs that explored and traded along her shores before Canada's inception. With every paddle stroke on calm water, you can hear the symphony of the canoe's long and powerful history on the great waters of Canada.

Let our experienced team of paddlers take you on an adventure by way of canoe. Whether you're after a short, introductory paddle or a multi-day canoe trip, or wish to incorporate canoeing into your photography, tracking, or other adventure. We are happy to develop a trip that's perfect for you.

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