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Algonquin Provincial Park

Located just over 3 hours from Toronto, Algonquin Park is one of Canada's most accessible, well-known, and well-loved protected areas. Teeming with wildlife, visitors will likely encounter iconic Canadian animals such as moose, beavers, loons, wolves, pine martens, ravens, owls, deer mice, salamanders, snapping turtles, and so much more.  Our guided experiences will help you get to some of the most beautiful freshwater lakes by way of foot and canoe, giving you the opportunity to combine course materials and concepts, with real world experience and collaboration.

Algonquin Wildlife Research Station

The Algonquin Wildlife Research Station is located in the heart of Algonquin Park. It's 30, 000 acres have been the setting for countless research studies dating back to the mid 1900's, and since that time it has been the place where artists and scientists alike can explore the Canadian forests. Its rich history and active research community make this a great location for field experiences and learning about native flora and fauna.


Muskoka has been endearingly named Ontario's cottage country. It has been a place of escape and solace for many urbanites. Its pioneering origins still run within the Muskokan region, with many locals tapping maple trees, trapping sustainably for furs and fishing cold streams for trout. Muskoka is the perfect place to reconnect with Canada's pioneering history.

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