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Ecuador/Galapagos Islands

Ecuador possesses incredible topographic diversity, which drives its many interesting habitats. It is bordered by Pacific coast on the west and Amazonian jungle in the east. The country is transected by the Andean mountains which give rise to cold, arid highlands. Just 1000km off of Ecuador's coast are the Galapagos Islands. The island chain and its inhabitants are renowned for inspiring the first concepts of biological evolution. Although this truth is only partial, the Galapagos Islands are a remarkable place to observe first-hand the postulates of evolutionary theory. It is home to many endemic species, and the Charles Darwin Research Station. Ecuador is a fantastic place to learn and reinforce any concepts related to biology, evolution, ecology, and scientific method. While students learn, they'll have the opportunity to hike mountains, trek through the amazonian jungle, swim in the south Pacific and see endemic wildlife that has been shaped by geographic isolation and time. 


Visit the tropical forests of Central America's bridge nation. Panama contains a man-made waterway (canal) that serves as a trade hub connecting the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. It is a great location to discuss politics, global trade affairs and the transport of goods. It's also a great location to learn about geographic barriers, and what bridging them means for animal populations on a geologic time scale. It is also an ideal place to discuss and realize the threat of invasive species as a result of human trade activities. As this country is rich in flora and fauna there are numerous plant and animal interactions to observe, all while experiencing the vibrant culture of this trade influenced region of the world.


Explore the many parishes of beautiful Bermuda. This island has a long history of settlement and military infrastructure development due to its isolated northern location. Its shores have seen Portuguese, Spanish, British and West Indies merchants and soldiers, making it an ideal location to discuss socio-political events and military history. This archipelago is home to many endemic and rare plants and animals. Realizing this, its government may have been one of the first in history to implement legislation to protect its wildlife hundreds of years ago. It possesses phenomenal research facilities such as the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences (formerly the Bermuda Biological Station for Research). On the leisure side, Bermuda's pink-coral beaches are world renowned. Its reefs are home to giant groupers, parrot fish, sea turtles, and pods of migrating whales (in the right season). Bermudian's sense of community and history is strong, and reflected by the whole country coming together once a year during Cup Match: a cricket competition that is filled with dance, food and celebration. Bermuda is a great place for an educational adventure. It's a country full of history, gorgeous scenery, great food and wonderful people.

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