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Bowdoin Scientific Station / Huntsman Marine Sciences Center, NB. Canada.

Located off the coast of New Brunswick, along Canada's Atlantic shores, Bowdoin Scientific Station is surrounded by rugged and beautiful landscapes. The facility has a long history of human inhabitants dating back to the 1700's, and is home to a number of shoreline creatures and migrating birds.

Shoals Marine Laboratory, Maine. USA.

Shoals Marine Lab is located on Appledore Island, between Maine and New Hampshire, USA. It is run in part by Cornell and the University of New Hampshire and offers experiences that are invaluable to future scientists. Whale flukes and large flocks of shorebirds are common sightings on this Atlantic island.

Bamfield Marine Sciences Center

Located in Bamfield on Vancouver Island BC., Bamfield Marine Sciences Center is a beautiful setting for any remote learning experience. Skirting the Pacific coast by aircraft is an exhilarating and inspirational way to start this experience. Kelp forests and hidden urchins lay in wait beneath the ever rolling surface of the ocean. An incredible way to to get a first hand account of fisheries resources and ocean ecology.  

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