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Ecuador / Galapagos Islands

Ecuador possesses incredible topographic diversity, which drives its many interesting habitats. It is bordered by Pacific coast on the west and Amazonian jungle in the east. The country is transected by the Andean mountains which give rise to cold, arid highlands. Just 1000km off of Ecuador's coast are the Galapagos Islands. The island chain and its inhabitants are renowned for inspiring the first concepts of biological evolution. Although this truth is only partial, the Galapagos Islands are a remarkable place to observe first-hand the postulates of evolutionary theory. It is home to many endemic species, and the Charles Darwin Research Station. Ecuador is a fantastic place to learn and reinforce any concepts related to biology, evolution, ecology, and scientific method. While students learn, they'll have the opportunity to hike mountains, trek through the amazonian jungle, swim in the south Pacific and see endemic wildlife that has been shaped by geographic isolation and time. 

Nepal / Everest

Everest is legendary. Its fortuitous reputation has made it one of the most sought after climbs in the world. But there is so much more to Everest than vertical mileage. If you are looking to give your students a culturally enriching experience, Nepal is the perfect setting. The legendary temples of Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur are a testament to Nepal's long history of Buddhism and inner reflection: a history that has rippled through countless generations, and is reflected in the warmth and genuine character of Nepal's people. Before trekking to Everest's base camp, we would explore the country's many national treasures: ancient buildings and sacred places that have carved their place in the modern world. Everest will help you travel to new heights, chase the rising sun farther east than you've ever gone, and get a glimpse into the past by exploring the wonderful country of Nepal.


This journey begins in Ulaanbaatar: city of the Red-Hero. It is located north-east central Mongolia along the Tuul River. Together with Khangai Cycle Ride and GOYO Travel let us take you and your students on a challenging and scenic tour of Mongolia by way of bicycle. Gaze upon its breath-taking open plains and winding, unspoiled rivers. Along the way, stop at beautiful monasteries and nationally acclaimed museums. Here you can learn the history of this once nomadic people, and how closely they were tied to the land and herds of livestock. If you're lucky you may catch an archery tournament where locals challenge each other's skill. Mongolia is a great location for discussion relating to human/social geography, earth surface science, hydrology, and more. A memorable, physically demanding and truly wonderful experience.

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